Major Site Preparation and Construction

Fast, Safe, Efficient Land Clearing

Site clearance for construction is one of our specialties at WT Byler Co. But land clearing isn’t the only part of the construction preparation process. We have the land clearing machines and capabilities to offer turnkey clearing of site locations along with all other major site preparation / construction needs.

Our site preparation capabilities are established on solid foundations of heavy and civil engineering construction experience that includes:

Engineering Over Site-GC and Construction Survey
WT Byler Co. revolutionized the way dirt is moved with new technology. Today we utilize horizontal and vertical control solutions that provide greater accuracy, higher productivity, lower operating costs and increased efficiency.

Site Clearing and Grubbing
Our process involves more than a bulldozer clearing land. Our land clearing process involves the grubbing and removal of trees, snags, logs, brush, stumps, shrubs and rubbish from designated areas. Read more...

Ground Improvement Earth Surcharge With Pre-Fabricated Vertical Drains (PVD)
Ground improvement earth fill surcharge is a common method for improving soft soil by reducing the water content of the soil through consolidation.

Mass Excavation and Embankment
Clearing land is much quicker when you work with WT Byler Co. Let the professionals at our company expedite your project with cuts and fills that are placed to line and grade, meeting your soils engineering specification. Read more...

UG Piping Systems Installation
Our experts are able to identify and validate soils for shoring, sloping or benching during UG piping system installation.

Soil Stabilization and Reclaiming
Soil stabilization is a necessary part of constructing most road surfaces and parking lots. We can chemically treat the sub-grade and reclaim your existing HMAC road or parking lot surface for repairs.

Asphalt Paving (HMAC)
WT Byler Co. is the one-step contractor for all your site-preparation needs, including construction of asphalt (HMAC) surfaces for any application.

Site-Work Concrete
After performing land clearing services, WT Byler Co. can help you start building. We construct concrete structures for industrial-petrochemical and railroad facilities including road systems and parking, gas-turbine, pipe-rack and building foundations, pipeline protection slabs and more.

Hundreds of Industrial-Petrochemical, Commercial, Government and Railroad Projects
Completed Safely on Time and on Budget